Saturday, October 5, 2019

When should we discard explanations that are intuitively appealing Essay - 1

When should we discard explanations that are intuitively appealing - Essay Example To facilitate the answer to this question, we will discuss and investigate the three key ways of knowing. This entails sense, reason, and perception. There will also be an analysis on intuition’s reliability, as it will enhance its comprehension (see Barrett). Personal demonstration is an ideal answer to this question. This is because was previously addicted to Oreos. There have sugar and fat content of 60%. As a result of my justification, I ate in large quantities. After detail research, I discovered that they contain 2% vitamin C, 4% vitamin A, and 10% of calcium. From this analysis, is evident that, Oreos are highly nutritious, hence intuitively appealing. This was the reason behind my consumption, in reference to the supporting information. However, despite the fact that the study shows that Oreos are nutritious, it is satisfactory that they are healthy. This is as a result of the sugar content among its ingredients. This was an ideal practical example of a situation where intuition was appealing, but on the other hand, it was totally wrong. Regardless of the fact that various situations call for straightforward answers, there should be a detailed explanation before one takes a different turn (see Nabisco Cookies). In reference to the above discussion, intuition is appealing. However, in relation with John Kord Lagemann, a famous author, argues that intuition is not an enemy of reason but it ally. This gives an allegation that suggests that intuition appeals rising from reason should not be given the same treatment as the other intuitions. An example connecting to this theory is the controversy that exists between The Big bang and Creationism. The two theories are bas on intuition; however, they are also based on detailed reasoning. The difference comes in the meaning and interpretation of the theories. Creationism states that there are impossibilities

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