Tuesday, October 22, 2019

era of 1936 essays

era of 1936 essays Today was such a great day. It was my mothers birthday and so many interesting things have happened in the newspaper. I really never read a newspaper, but for some reason I was hooked on it right when I bought it. Well to start out my great day, I got up early to bake a cake for my mother. I already had flour, yeast, vanilla, milk, and salt but I still needed eggs, sugar, and butter. Well I got on my shoes and walked down the block to the Food store to get the rest of the ingredients. I wanted to get the items fast so that I could go back home and make the cake to surprise my mom. I got butter which was 37 cents a pound, cane sugar for 49 cents a pound, large eggs for 25 cents a dozen, and a New York Times newspaper for 2 cents( New York Times 1936, page 1 ). I was surprised to see that all my items were on sale. I then went home and made the cake. While the cake was baking, I started to look at the newspaper. The first thing that caught my eye was on the front page. In big bold letters it said Roosevelt and the New Deal. This article caught my eye because I had no idea what the New Deal was. The article was about how Roosevelt made up the Works Progress Administration(Times 1 ) which gives unemployed people jobs. Well, the article went on about how it will provide eight million people with jobs(Times 2 ). I was so excited to hear about this because my father lost his job during the Great Depression. I hope this Works Progress Administration works so my dad can get back on his feet and work again. As I was thinking about the possibility of my dad getting a new job, an article about the Chicago Cubs caught my attention. Although the Cubs are my dads favorite team I am a Yankees fan. I mean, the Cubs are alright, but no one can stop Babe Ruth or any of the other Yankees. Anyway, the article was about how the Cubs beat the Cardinals 4-3 (Tim ...

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