Sunday, October 6, 2019

The effects to the white star line company because of the titanic Research Paper

The effects to the white star line company because of the titanic sinking - Research Paper Example The world has always fixed all attention on identifying the cause of the tragedy, while little effort has been shifted towards identifying the effect of the Titanic tragedy on the White Star Lines Company, the Liverpool-based company that owned the mega ship. The following report analyzes how the sinking of the Titanic impacted on the White Star Line company. The company prided itself with being the maker of the most luxurious ship at the time. The name of this wonder ship was Titanic. So much was the hype behind Titanic that it was commonly regarded as the unsinkable ship (Ziakas 109). By building the ship, the company had made set the benchmark for the trend in luxurious ships. The massive size of Titanic also increased the pride that came along with the ship since it was the biggest at the time. This intense over confidence in the success of the ship contributed majorly to the disaster, since adequate preventive measures were not put in place. The sinking of the ship had massive impact on the parent company, White Star Line, as illustrated in this report. The White Star Line refers to a ship building company which originally made traditional sailing ships that travelled from UK to Australia in the 1860s. The company majored on this route due to gold in Australia. This venture turned out to be very competitive hence it merged with other rival companies. The company merged with other companies such as The Black Ball and The Eagle Lines of ship (Butler 104). Under this partnership, the first White Star Line ship was launched in August 1870. The ship, known as Oceanic, was a break from the norm with its size, appearance and a host of other innovations. It was to be the world’s first true super liner and it gained popularity from all corners of the world. Later that year, the company launched three other identical ships, known as Atlantic, Republic and Baltic. In the following year, the company launched another ship, slightly larger than

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