Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Media and Language Essay Example for Free

Media and Language Essay The article discusses about how Facebook is really affecting one’s feeling of being lonely. It also states the different sources or causes for a person to be like one. Facebook is said to be an instrument to increase a person’s social life and interaction with others but for most researchers, it is also a source of loneliness. Yvette Vicker’s death was connected to a heart attack which was reportedly caused by loneliness. She called distant fans before her death rather than her family and friends. Loneliness and being alone is not the same thing. Being lonely is a psychological state while being alone is an external condition. Loneliness can be measured through the UCLA Scale. Researchers found out that as time goes by, the number of people who feel lonely increases. Professional carers is widely needed because of the alarming number of lonely beings which are then had become a public health issue. It can lead to certain illness like dementia, insomnia, obesity, hormonal imbalance, etc. Many like to be alone or independent because they get some satisfaction over that kind of system but what they don’t know is that their exposing themselves into a world of pure loneliness. Family traits are changing because of the changing world. Some engage into social networking because of the urge to belong to a social group. This may be because of a poor household interaction between families. Scanning through others posts may lead to loneliness because people would tend to realize why other people have this and that while they do not. Why people experience this and that and they do not. Facebook draws a person into a world of illusion instead of being able to realize reality. It can be helpful if one can use it as a tool to engage social gatherings or interactions and not a substitute to one. Technology may be helpful or not to improving one’s life but it is for the user to limit its usage, maybe for better or for worse. The author concluded that connection is not the same as bond. People let themselves be drawn into a connection which is not forever connected and a form of disintegration from this connection may lead to a worse scenario. So the text talks about the relation of loneliness to Facebook. I am a vivid Facebook user and yes, I felt lonely at some times. When I do not know what else to do, I try to scan through my wall and see some posts there about other people’s lives and how they feel and even what is currently happening to them. Some of those posts appeal to my senses. I feel envy of what other people have, in the material and social aspect. I am not into social interaction with those who I do not really know and from what I have observed, those people who talk to others via social networking sites are one those who are popular in reality and I also think that they are sometimes being plastic to others. Many admire their popularity and because of that, admirers always make a way to interact with them and also, the ones who are being admired are feeling good about it. That is only my opinion but I do not mind them. Also, I do not use social networking just to seek importance from other person like others do. I use it for communication and entertainment purposes only. I just want some communication with my friends and family and that is all I need to live a not so noticeable yet a full life. So I agree at some points of this article. It is the people who should control technology and not the technology who should control the person.

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