Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Clinical Practice Essay -- Health Care

This assignment will underline three key skills learnt during clinical practice; weight monitoring, blood pressure and bed baths. Reflection is a key aspect within nursing. It allows the individual to look back on previous events and analyse the positives and negatives which occurred in a particular situation. Reflection is used to encourage the development in learning and gaining a more in depth understanding in practice (Beener et al.1996).There are many reflective models available including Gibbs (1988). Gibbs(1988) reflective cycle will be used as the framework upon which these three skills to be reflected as this cycle requires a description of the event, the feelings experienced at the time and evaluation of the account which is followed by an analysis, conclusion and action plan. I will discuss how the skills were attained, and any future learning development needs I may need, backed up by literature and research available. In line with NMC (2008) confidentiality requirement, clients will be referred as A, B or C where appropriate. Description During my second week of placement I was asked by my mentor to carry out a weight observation on a six week old baby. Prior to this I had observed my mentor perform this clinical procedure a number of times while I assisted her. However on this occasion I was able to complete this skill by myself with the supervision of my mentor. Firstly I greeted the parents of baby A and advised them to undress him as I calculated his age and set up the equipment needed, I cleaned the weighing scale using disinfectant wipes and placed a paper towel on the surface to prevent baby A from feeling cold. I then switched on the weighing scales and called the parents over with baby A. I laid baby A ge... ...ouraged frequently. I now believe I have gained a better insight into my own strengths and weaknesses and can now take time to in improving them as a means to grow and evolve in my professionalism, to act on a patient’s welfare and safety in order to secure a good reputation (Thompson et al, 2006) Action plan In order to advance in practice I feel I need to develop my communication skills. This can be achieved through in depth research; using the aid of reading and advice from other health professionals into the different types of communication for instance body language, formal, verbal and non-verbal communication as well as looking into different ways of using these methods to the best of my ability, guaranteeing a high standard of patient care. This will equally help me and patients to establish a better relationship and improve the care that is given.

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