Sunday, September 8, 2019

Christian Responses to Islam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Christian Responses to Islam - Essay Example The spirit of human brotherhood under the all-encompassing divine fatherhood is much stressed in Islam and not hampered by the concepts of racialism or sectarianism, be it of linguistic, historic, and traditionalistic, to even dogmatic nature. The broadminded tolerance of Islam for Christianity recommends it to all lovers of liberty. Surely this is generous and fair in advance of the attitude of Christianity. A history of the Bible written by Fred Gladstone Bratton, published in the United States acknowledges the textual unreliability of the Bible. The writer also admits the possibility of changes and alterations that have been steadily introduced into the body of its text. He says: â€Å"There is a necessary and inevitable uncertainty about biblical studies owing to the very nature of the task. If the Bible had been written in English or if we had the original autographs of the Scripture, there would be no problem at all in the text. But this is unfortunately not the case† (p. 2) The history of the biblical text is shrouded in mystery and it has really flummoxed the Christian theologians and scholars: Then he refers to the frequency of changes made in the text. The changes are both capricious and consciously engineered: â€Å"The idea that the Bible is a book is comparatively modern. It is not one book but a library of sixty-six books, written by almost many authors during a period of one thousand years and on three continents† (p. 3).

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