Tuesday, September 17, 2019

A heart, a life, a cure

What causes heart problems? Young and old people alike have been keen on the effects of heart problems mostly leading to stroke, disability of immobility, even death.We know of the heart as a concept of biological lifeworks affecting the brain, blood flow and other functions of human overall body system. The context of the heart continuously contracting, pumping and relaxing warrants constant supply of oxygen carrying blood and nutrients. The presence of cholesterol plaque which was found to accumulate through the years will successfully block the flow in the coronary artery. This is turn will deprive the heart of its vital requirement.Lately people have realized the importance of looking to the effects of high cholesterol and diet but it seems not to work on a lot of adults anymore. Are we coming in to the theory of starting life, in its literal meaning, at a very early age of pre teens like the age of ten to twelve? Finding difficulties in controlling the disease implies human inte lligence inability to create appropriate interventions. This paper seeks to recommend early age intervention as appropriate part solution at a macro level of the problem. Let’s take a look with the cause of heart system failures.Cholesterol plaque is seen to be increased by smoking, fatty foods, inactivity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. The five causes are notably common and are expected to affect people in as early as the age of thirty.Cholesterol build up may not be detected immediately since it is slow and accumulates over years. Cholesterol plaque grows and merged with other cholesterol plaques that has infiltrated through the walls of the artery through the years. Plaque rupture and heart attacks structural damage are irreversible and shall be noted and understood by every human being on this planet.Smoking reflects social habits, social classification, and produces layers of platelets that progresses to thrombosis or blood clots resulting to rapid inc rease of heart rate (Schneider 2006).High blood pressure is the common product of stress generated psychosocial factors of anger, hostility, depression, work overload, and anxiety. Cholesterol rich diet more in saturated fat increases cholesterol levels.Dissecting each of the causes and realizing the effects on controlling over intake in an adult will make us understand that doctors may just be generating prescriptions to extend life and sustain the heart but not intervention. Intervention in an adult stage where cholesterol plaques were already accumulated and have been affecting heart beats is a matter of superficial medical practice.Analysis will show that man as intelligent as he is cannot prevent the onset of cholesterol deposits which immaturity and childhood practices of more saturated fats intake have been made a fad for children and youth. Diet and practices before teens are simply irresistible and uncontrollable where parents commonly regard it as an approved or agreeable food habits. In the life of a person, please take note where you eat most of the don’ts and you will see that it is in the pre teens. This is the age where cholesterol intake interventions shall be properly managed and controlled.The psychosocial conditions of stress and smoking in both adult and young people are always present no matter how hard the government seeks to control economics and environment. The heart disease effect is one sure thing which a general prescription to sustain blood flow can be generated to extend life but the attempt to make interventions on the psychosocial factors of stress and smoking points to a lot of relevant network of sub problems and headaches.Everything refers to a change in the menu, availability of the food, corresponding budget, and a whole lot of factors covering human interaction and stress. Research has not even started to perfect the failing conditions of family life and failing government strategies. These are the contributing fact ors of mankind’s failure to decrease heart illness death rates. The only option available is treatment of emergencies and prolonging life. That is our reality and it still is not changing.

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