Tuesday, August 27, 2019

NURSING Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

NURSING - Personal Statement Example Concurrently, from a reflective stance, I realized that nursing is a career with vast opportunities for growth. As people get older, there would always be a need to address various ailments through their lifetime. As such, one could never be bored in this profession as it is seen to pose varied challenges through meeting diverse people with unique and distinct health conditions; yet, it also provides opportunities for personal fulfillment and uplifting rewards. The graduate specialty track that I have selected is the Dual Family Nurse Practitioner/Advanced Public Health Nursing Program. I have always had the interest to gain specialization in the provision of primary care services, not only to individuals; but more so, to family members, and even local community residents within a defined population. I am interested to pursue higher education in this field to gain advanced theoretical frameworks on the provision and delivery of holistic care to a wider range of clientele. Through research in the online medium on this field of specialization, I strongly believe that by pursuing advanced courses and modules through the program, I would be accorded with the opportunity to develop the skills required for addressing health care issues within the community level that requires services such as addressing chronic illness, educating members on preventive care, as well as effectively focusing on interventions for acute care, as needed. A situation that could be remembered regarding taking a leadership role was when I was elected the leader of a group in terms of complying with an academic project. As the leader, I assumed a proactive stance at discerning the need to delegate tasks; effectively identify the roles and responsibilities of each of the member according to their competencies and skills; as well as regularly monitoring the performance of each member to ensure that tasks were appropriately accomplished according to schedule. Through

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