Saturday, August 24, 2019

Corporate Social Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Corporate Social - Essay Example This paper discusses the importance of CSR strategy for the organisations and the challenges faced by organisations when they implement such a strategy. The corporate social responsibility strategy is important for the organisations as this strategy takes into consideration the acceptability of the organisation by the consumers of the particular region. This strategy has to take into consideration the corporate governance factors; this strategy ensures that the organisation is conducting its operations in a responsible ways and will be accountable for all its business activities that are impacting the environment (Brooks, Williams, and Thomas, 2004). Implementing a corporate social responsibility strategy in the organisation is a strategic issue. This is so because this strategy allows organisations to conduct their business by maintaining strong and cordial relationship with their stakeholders and the community (Hemingway and Maclagan, 2004). The customers are important for the success of the organisation, when customers have in mind that the organisation is a socially responsible organisation, the reputation of the organisation further improves and so does the customer base. This positive image proves to be useful for the organisation in the long term. If organisations do not consider the community and their business operations harm the community then there stands a high chance of business failure in that community. Customers may get the message that this particular organisation is not concerned with the welfare and wellbeing of the people (Levy, 2007). Any negative message transmitted to the consumers by any business activity will cause the organisation to face heavy consequences. Therefore, keeping in view the shareholders and the community is important for organisation’s success. The shareholders or the organisation, the valuable customers and the workforce of the organisation, all these elements have expectations with the business and

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