Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Managed Care Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Managed Care - Essay Example In this type of organization there is a very good interlinks that is formed between the hospitals, doctors as well as the various health insurance plans and mostly these three can be found in the same organization. In such cases it is found that the HMO will own the hospital and the salaries of the physicians are paid by them. Under normal circumstances, the patients have to go for the managed care plan that is being offered by the organization and only in very extreme cases, the patient can opt for other types of medical care providers. It has been widely seen that the HMO offers medical plans that are quite friendly to the pockets of the patients, since they force both the doctors as well as the patient to control the cost for the medical treatment that is to be undergone. As a result they are considered to be much more advantageous than other plans but at the same time they lack the quality aspect through the control of costs. (Nguyen 2009) Fee For Service or FFS: In this case of plan the patient can choose any doctor as well as any type of health care provider they wish. As a result the physicians are paid fees on each visit of the patient and in addition to this; the patients also have to pay for the various medical tests that they undergo.

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