Saturday, November 2, 2019

Starting a Business Online Part 2 Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Starting a Business Online Part 2 - Term Paper Example This is because our domain provides has given a very good reputation for our business despite being new in the domain. The domain has acted us a promotional avenue where it draws the potential clients and the well displayed contents encourages people to choose or buy service from the website. Determining whether to sell or not a domain name depends on the business value of the domain name (Kalakota & Robinson 2003).   A domain valuation is a key tool of determining the value of the website. The process is relatively complex for individuals who do not have experience. The URL brokers are very critical aspects in determining the domain value. I will turn down the offer to sell the domain name since it will have negative implication on the business. The business sell will drop down if we sell the domain name. Moreover, finding our business in the internet will be very cumbersome. The reputation and the hard work that has been invested in the business to make the business credible and relevant will be hugely jeopardized. Most companies which have excelled in terms of domain have supplied a lot of determination and hard work. The usability and the convenience of the software used in e-commerce is a very critical aspect when it comes attracting and maintaining. The however most software developers do not consider when they are developing their systems. Usability is how the easy the users can use the module of a system. If the module for example the catalogue module is simple and clear, then it can attract the attention of the user. How organized the module is assisting the users in accomplishing their task with a lot of simplicity. The availability of effective shopping cart abilities is critical in ensuring that the customer’s purchasing via internet is increased. Lack of an effective shopping card result less sells and waste of time. The module ensures automation of the complete shopping process. This makes the whole purchasing process simple and automated . Shopping card saves money, time and makes the happy. The criteria of creating a shopping are very critical since the usability and the effectiveness of a shopping process is very crucial. The processing of purchasing transaction process is equally important. The transaction process starts from ordering, processing, payment and delivering process. The procedure should b short and clearly so the records of all the procedures are recorded and processed in an effective manner. Moreover, the processing of the purchase involves the transfer of money. The security of the payment processing is critical since the security of money is very crucial. The web usability can be increased by ensuring that the all the usability features of the different section are effectively attended to. For instance, the ability of a customer to go through the ordering process within the shortest time possible assists in attracting more and maintaining those who have used the service. The most effective ways of improving the usability of a website is by increasing web traffic, SEO and market segmentation. Search engine optimization is the best way of improving the traffic. Search engine optimization is a method used to increase the traffic to a website using techniques which raises the ranking of you search engine in the website. The technique is related to Google. Some of the aspects which are considering in maximizing search engine include: Check out- the web manager should

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