Sunday, July 28, 2019


THE IMPACT OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES ON PROJECT SUCCESS AND GOVERNANCE OVER PROJECT ACTIVITIES - Research Paper Example Besides, the report also provides a brief idea regarding the challenges of international project management and how to undertake such activities. The term ‘project’ arrives from the Latin word ‘projectum’ enumerating the meaning of ‘before an action’. A project in the business as well as science contexts is classically defined as the process of continuous research along with designing an assortment of scientific methods and tools to achieve a particular aim. A project is a momentary effort which is usually undertaken to produce a unique product as well as service. The words temporary as well as momentary are articulately related with the notion of project because every project has a specific beginning and end. Additionally, the term ‘management’ is related with the project activities for meeting the project aims as well as requirements by proper utilisation of the techniques, tools, skills and knowledge among others. Project management process is initially performed through five steps, i.e. initiating, planning, executing, controlling as well as finishing. Effectively design ing and managing the project is especially required to meet with certain vital factors of an organisation as well as clients. This includes proper identification of the desires and needs of the clientele along with meeting them effectively and efficiently by taking care of time, cost and quality of the project (Choudhuri, n.d.). The term ‘Information Technology (IT)’ consists of procedures, equipment, methodologies, and related tools employed to assemble, develop as well as provide information. IT project management is a segment of project management which emphasises especially on computer technology. The method of IT project management is eventually almost same as management project systems. It only differs in the point of immensity, i.e. IT project specially deals with

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